About Us

valency company

Valency co is a global supplier of automobiles spare parts in most countries of the world.All products are delivered  In accordance with international standards and due to the customer map also you can take advantage of reliable company consultants.


We continuously supervised our different production lines wich is oringinated from our commitment to our customers to offer them qualitive spare parts. Our productions are certified in accordance with ISO 2001 and TS 169419- our spare parts are made from best and most qualficd materrials.


At the very beginning we had concect rated soldey on the marketing and supplying of engin parts and we ware able ti introduce ourselves in the world as one of the main producers in this industry very soon.


Complete customer satisfaction due to the accuracy, quality and timely delivery of products

Top company

Our sales experts rely on the 20-year experience to provide the best service to customers worldwide


Valencia Company (شرکت والنسی) Received valid national and international certificates from all over the world


Valencia Company has active dealings around the world


The highest quality products


High security in sending your loads


Carefully design and load the load


Has high experience in spare parts affairs



All products are delivered in accordance with international standards and according to customer's plan, in addition to the advice and reliable conditions of the product.

Commodity identity

هویت کالا

Chek out your Valency authentication engine parts! For your safety, each package has a hologram label. In order to confirm the identity and fake goods

Global Network

شبکه جهانی

Active and up-to-date sales offices and spare parts stores around the world in order to maintain the same quality throughout the world and to satisfy customers.